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Printable Monochrome Alphabet Flashcards Writing Activity Set.


Each card features the letter of the alphabet in upper and lowercase letters in a stylish and easy to read font. There is also space to write things beginning with that letter, providing a ready made fun and educational flashcard activity or game.


This set contains:


1 x Full PDF printable booklet with all flashcards 4 to a page, including one blank card, ready to click and print!

8 x Individual printable PDF sheets to print extras.

27 x Individual PNG format cards - the full alphabet plus one blank card.

Monochrome Alphabet Flashcards

  • This is a downloadable file that can be accessed immediately

    This is a .zip file that will need to be unzipped to access the PDF files within

    You will need to have a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat to access the files

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